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A letter from the Graduate school, NIBS to all the students

In the occasion of the Graduate school establishment, we would like to thank on behalf of all students to all PIs and leaders at NIBS for the care and cultivation of students and your continued support of student work. At the same time, we are very proud to be working with your scientists and are very happy to assist you in learning, work and life.

For the purpose of serving the teachers and students, we wish everyone can be involved in the student work from the early days of the Graduate school, and to establish a good relationship with each other. It is vital on creating a harmonious learning environment, furthermore, from a more long-term benefits, it will also be benefit to NIBS for becoming first-class institute in China.

In the early stage of the Graduate school, there are so much emerging issues need to be solved. The discussion of the issues by all of us is particularly important. NIBS today has nearly forty students, then our first priority is how to better carry out student work. We hope that the Graduate school will be meaningful for NIBS, in doing so, the following current students' issues should be done at first.

1.Journal club activities(by learning department)

2.Happy hour program (by organization department)

3.The propaganda of Information Resources (by Propaganda Department)

4.Various cultural and sports events (by sports and entertainment department)

5.Supervise on daily life conditions

Specific plan will be informed by the organizers at that time.

In short, where there is your need there is the reason for us to exist. The Graduate school is still a toddling baby, its growth need everyone's help and active participation. I hope you can monitor our work at any time so that we can solve it in a timely manner. Hoping that our services can make everyone happier in NIBS.

Graduate school, NIBS
Nov.1, 2004