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National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing (NIBS) is committed to providing a world-class scientific research institution with advanced working conditions and environment for the post-doc, students and technicians. All colleagues who are interested in science will not be classified into ranks and groups by title and are treated equally here.

NIBS attaches great importance to graduate students since they are the core research competence from now and in the future. NIBS has established Joint University Programs Admissions System with Peking, Tsinghua, Beijing Normal University and many other domestic universities. To the selection of students, we judge them from various aspects including test scores but not limited to it.

NIBS is dedicated to cultivate top-class students by tapping their internal potential and teach students in accordance of their aptitude. NIBS will endeavor to cultivate students with active mind and sharp critical thinking and develop their research capability and laboratory capacity. Students are encouraged to build up their academic communication skills in formal speech and writing skills as well as informal communication skills; researchers are supported to communicate equally regardless of their academic title, providing opportunities for them all learning from the well-known and leading scientists directly. NIBS has been and always will be trying its own best efforts to train large quantities graduate students with the level equivalent to US life sciences graduate students.

NIBS also provides a platform for senior student to do their thesis and other under-graduate students to do summer researches. NIBS hopes that, by doing so, more and more students can have a clear mind of their own potential and meet their shortfall, getting closer to become a creative scientist.

For the postdoc, NIBS places hope on them having excellent experimental techniques, top-level academic thinking, with which will enable them with potentials to grow into an independent scientist. Postdoc at NIBS gets more communication opportunities with international peers and scientists than anywhere.

For the purpose of serving the teachers and students, the graduate school carry out smoothly on organization and management work such as recruitment, training and daily work on research and learning, etc. Graduate school will make unremitting efforts to train first-class talent for NIBS.