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Life At NIBS

    Across the road from Space City in Beijing, National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing ( NIBS) is located at Zhongguancun Life Science Park-living in the northwest corner of the intersection of North Qing Road and Badaling Expressway.

    NIBS covers 42,258 square meters, with a total construction area of 32,296 square meters-including Laboratory building (storey 4.5 m) where a total of 14,830 square meters on the ground and a total of 3,668 square meters underground. The total construction area of the first floor office building is 2,185 square meters, including the lobby, exhibition hall, lecture hall, gym ground; the second floor is 1,287 square meters, including meeting rooms, small classrooms and library; the administrative area on the third floor is 810 m2; basement ground is 3,276 square meters, with 100 m2 underground parking garage and a restaurant.

Group Fhoto Of NIBS

Positive Silhouette Of NIBS

Night Scene Of NIBS

Backyard Garden Of NIBS

The Lobby

The Introduction Hall On The Left Side

The Introduction Hall On The Right Side


    The whole building consists of four-storey laboratory building ground and basement. With double corridor structure, each floor holds eight laboratories by both sides; in the middle, the public instrument, two 4 ℃ cold rooms, a 37 ℃ greenhouse and two darkroom are there.

    Each laboratory area is 270including  experimental area 150 square meters in which can accommodate 20-30 people at work and learning zone in which laboratory director and researchers can study independently.

Research Activities Building

Animal And Plant Culture Center






Jingsi Lake
Jingsi Lake
Jingsi Lake