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Qi Li,Ph.D.
Director of Genetic Screening Center, NIBS, Beijing, China

09/2004-07/2008: B.S., School of Life Science, Shandong Teachers’University
09/2008-07/2016: Ph.D., School of Life Science, Peking University

Professional Experience:
08/2016-10/2017: Postdoc, School of Life Science, Peking University

11/2017-present: Postdoc, National Institute of Biological Science

FunctionGenetic Screening Center:
Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is currently one of the most widely used gene delivery tools in both scientific research and gene therapy. AAV has many advantages, including low immunogenicity, low genomic integration, high transduction rate, and stable and persistent expression. The Genetic Screening Center provides AAV technical services including vector construction, packaging, purification, titration and functional test for different labs. The Genetic Screening Center provides multiple common serotypes of recombinant Adeno-associated virus and helps construct AAVs for either expression or knockout of target genes. Moreover, the center is committed to develop and evolve new serotype vectors according to different labs’ demand and interest.


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